Preventive Network Maintenance

By taking the time to identify and resolve a technical problem before it occurs, Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy provides careful maintenance of your system to dramatically reduce the chance of a crash or data loss.
Our regularly scheduled preventive maintenance program provides the following services:

  • Creation of end of month, or Quarterly or other customer backup requirements kept offsite to assist in disaster recovery
  • Backup devices and storage repositories are tested for connectivity and operational success
  • Comprehensive testing of the backup subsystem including a regular test backup and restore of data.
  • Ensuring retention cycles meet the requirement of company and industry standards.
  • User workstations are updated with the latest version of your Anti-Virus software to ensure that you’re protected against newly identified viruses
  • Hard disk check and repair utilities are run on key servers and workstations to identify and resolve corrupt files and disk problems
  • Administrator passwords are changed to further promote security
  • Your Network Site Documentation is updated and reviewed for accuracy at your location and at ours
  • Regular updates of vendor supplied software patches to ensure systems run optimally and are protected against security risks. (for example: Service packs and Critical updates from Microsoft )

Secure Passwords

Carefully managed passwords are your first line of security defense against unauthorized system access and against data loss due to hackers or disgruntled employees. The “Administrator” passwords on your servers and network routers are changed every 45 days as a routine security measure.
Your Network Site Documentation provides additional information on specifically where and how Administrator passwords can be used or changed in the event of a security crisis.

Alternative Consultants

As a part of our CTRL and ALT Plans, we believe that you should have access to our services when you need them.
One way of achieving this is the shadowing process. Instead of assigning a single consultant to your site, we bring a second consultant to your site to familiarise them with your network. This means you are provided with an alternative consultant, who can service your account if your primary consultant is sick or otherwise unavailable. This is provided to you at no cost.

Help Desk Services

In the event you have a emergency, whether it be a network outage, or a simple issue preventing you from working, we are here to help. Our trained technicians are well versed in all technologies from Level 1 support to Level 3 design and planning.

Network Site Documentation

Your office network is comprised of complex hardware and software components that must interact effectively together. To avoid wasted time when working within your environment, minimize disruptions to end users, and help to plan for strategic network growth, it is invaluable to have accurate documentation. 
That’s why our first step in serving you, as a new customer, is to provide you with Network Site Documentation that records your network, server and desktop systems. This entails identifying and documenting key roles of servers and other shared devices, computer connections, software applications in use, end-user requirements and much more. Once we’ve completed your Network Documentation, we take time to review it with you. As a new customer, you’ll gain a clear understanding of your network and its features, functions, current uses and possible uses. At this point, our consultants are equipped with the information they need to begin making recommendations for network enhancements or changes that will benefit your business. 
Your Network documentation serves as a handbook for anyone that must maintain your network. For example, it identifies:

  • Configuration specifications for every computer and primary network components
  • External connection descriptions such as VPN entries, Port redirection or forwarding and router configurations to and from remote sites or the Internet
  • Software application serial numbers and product keys
  • Step-by-step procedures for starting and stopping all servers
  • A comprehensive list of passwords and uses (see Secure Passwords for details)
  • On-going changes to your network and computers, such as new equipment and software

More importantly, an up-to-date duplicate of your Network Guidebook is maintained at our offices and serves as a resource to our Help Desk and consultants for use in troubleshooting or answering your technical questions.