Terminal Server and Citrix Solutions / CCA Training

Douglas A. Brown’s utlimate Citrix resource
Jim Kenzig’s portal for thin client computing solutions
Thomas Koetzing’s Website
Van Bragt – Virtualisation Website
Michel Roth’s Windows Virtual Desktop Blog
Free Wyse Monkeys – A great resource for Dell Wyse Thin clients
Carl Webster’s Brilliant scripts and resources website
Thin discussion lists
RDPSoft – Great resources for RDS environments
Thomas Poppelgaard’s Citrix and GPU website
Xenapp Blog by Trond Eirik Haavarstein
Stephane Thirion’s
Samuel Legrand’s Tech Addict
Carl Stalhood Resource and information site
AutoCAD on Citrix – a web site to assist installation of AutoCAD on Citrix.

Microsoft – Event ID troubleshooting
Test Exchange server and external services are working – This is an official Microsoft site
Microsoft Exchange Consultancy   This is a very good page for MS Exchange and Outlook configuration tips

Networking  A site for networking professionals.
PortForward  A great site for all kinds router configurations and networking assistance.
Free Proxy  A FREE web proxy program that is brilliant for Windows environments.
MXToolBox  Check your mail server to see if it is blacklisted.
IP Calculator  ipcalc takes an IP address and netmask and calculates the resulting broadcast, network, Cisco wildcard mask, and host range.
Spam Tools  Check your Spam score for your email domain.
SSL Tools  Helps diagnose SSL Certificate issues.
network-tools  Easy network tools from whois to DNS look ups.  Check your mail server to see if it is blacklisted.

Practice Tests

Braindumps A+, CompTIA, Linux, Cisco, Lotus, IBM, Microsoft, Novell, SAP, SUN, Tovoli  FREE practice exam collection using Visual CertExam Suite  FREE practice exam collection  Web based VCE Exam simulator/ PDF converter

Hardware Drivers and Boot Disk Builders

Drivers HQ From here you can find almost any driver you would ever need
Windrivers  A nice selection of hardware drivers and other cool things.  Take a look From here you can find almost any Bootdisk you would ever need
Ultimate Boot CD The only PE boot disk you’ll ever need.
NU2 – PE Builder – A Personal favourite.


Winfiles  A great site for all kinds of utilities and apps.
System Internals Advanced utilities, technical information and source code related to 95/NT
SOPHOS Virus Removal Utilities 1 Anti-virus tools that remove and disinfect virii.
SOPHOS Virus Removal Utilities 2 Anti-virus tools that remove and disinfect virii.
SOPHOS Bootable Anti-Virus Free Anti-virus tools that remove and disinfect virii.
Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool Tool to remove malicious software.


Citrix Solutions
Visit Citrix FTP Downloads including Service Packs and Hotfixes
Microsoft Tools
Visit Microsoft FTP Downloads including old utilities and resource kits
Various Technical FTP Sites
Symantec Public FTP (All Countries)


Knowledge Base Search Engines
Citrix System – Knowledge Base
Microsoft – Knowledge Base Search
Novell – Product Specific Support


Citrix Systems
Citrix FAQs for ALL Citrix products
Windows OS
John Savill’s Windows NT / Everything Else FAQ Site.  (The Best)
Microsoft Exchange Server
Exchange Server FAQ Site
Exchange FAQ: Web Access
Microsoft Outlook
FAQs – Outlook
Slipstick Systems – Microsoft Outlook FAQ 
Slipstick Systems – Microsoft Outlook Rules Wizard FAQ
The Code Project
Code Guru
Ctrl-Alt-Del Rap Song