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Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy employs a carefully selected group of highly trained professionals to assist business in building a flexible, mobile workforce that caters for the valued staff member, no matter what the situation.

Cloud environments allows parents on Paternity leave and people with special circumstances to have access to applications, information, processes and people on any device, over any network, anywhere, anytime.

Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy has a proven track record of integrating Virtual Office technology into financial institutions, food production companies, academic organizations and industrial manufacturing. Contact us today to learn how your business can benefit from quality solutions installed by professionals who get it right first time.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is not a product or a place: It’s an approach to cloud computing that includes a combination of private (on-premises or managed/hosted) and public cloud environments. A hybrid cloud environment lets you choose the right workload for the right environment, as well as move workloads around as business needs and technologies change.

What is the Hybrid Approach?

It is giving businesses the ability to leverage their investment in existing on-premise IT infrastructure and have it integrate with Cloud technology. A hybrid of both on-premise and hosted IT infrastructure and applications can give your business the best experience for end users, reduce your total cost of ownership and allow you to scale up and down better than you ever have before. The key is to understanding where your IT workloads perform best.

Placing your workloads where they perform best.

The reality is that Cloud, whether it be public or private may not be suitable for all business applications. While some IT workloads such as local File and Print servers may deliver a better experience on-premise, business applications such as email and CRM may be more suitable consumed as a hosted service like Office 365 to reduce overheads and scale with ease. Choosing to use hosted services does not need to be an all or nothing investment. Business can move as much or a little as they wish to the Cloud.

Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy will work with you on a solution that ticks all your boxes today and in the future.

Which workloads should my business move to the Cloud?

Only after a thorough assessment of your infrastructure, IT strategy and business can you determine which workloads deliver better performance, ROI and user satisfaction in the cloud.

However our experience and research indicates the following:

Top business workloads in the cloud or currently migrating to the cloud:

  • Email
  • Web apps/website
  • Application test/dev
  • CRM custom business applications
  • E-Commerce and online tools
  • Business analytics
  • ERP

Traits of cloud friendly workloads:

  • Elastic workloads with variable traffic
  • Software development environment
  • Non-critical storage solutions
  • Test and pre-production systems
  • Batch processing jobs with low to medium security
  • Backup and restore solutions
  • Isolated workloads where latency isn’t an issue
  • Data intensive workloads

Our Team are here to make your life easier. 

It’s what we do. As early pioneers of providing secure Cloud/ Virtualization solutions to Australian mid-market businesses for over 20 years, we provide you with:

  • Expertise and experience in a range of complex deployments of Office 365, on-premise and Cloud across all industries.
  • A dedicated Service Team consisting of our top engineers, IT consultants and service agents to not only manage and support your environment but to also provide on-going consultancy.
  • Comprehensive transition and project services to ensure the transfer of knowledge and project implementation runs smoothly, on budget and is delivered on time.