General Utils

CAD Freeware Util Pack – InfoDownload
– The CAD Util Pack is a collection of freeware utilities designed by Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy, Australia. These utilities are available on our Citrix/ TS Utilities page.
Cant Touch This – InfoDownload – NEW! May ’10
– CantTouchThis is a standalone Windows GUI executable designed to replace existing executable files that an administrator does not want a user to run. The idea of the program is to simply replace an existing executable with this program to restrict a user making any calls to an existing program which may be restricted to the user base. Instead of the original program, CantTouchThis will show a popup dialog box on the screen that will inform a the user that the application is not available. Free Download.
Windows Compatible – 2000\XP\2003\Vista\2008\7
EDIWalker – InfoDownload
– EDIWalker is a standalone Windows GUI tool designed to monitor and relocate files based on their content. The program actively monitors folder locations, as specified by the user, for files that contain user defined strings, and when found, moves the files to another user defined folder location. EDIWalker can monitor files at a specified interval and the program can be minimised to the system tray for transparent operation. Multiple search definitions can be stored in the program and a facility to email file relocation notifications via an SMTP server is also included. Free Download.
Windows Compatible – 2000\XP\2003\Vista\2008\7
GSTCALC – InfoDownload
– GSTCalc is a Windows Application to assist financial staff in calculating GST components on both the retail price and the cost price. Includes Copy function for quick transfer of calculations to another document. Free Download.
Windows Compatible – 2000\XP\2003\Vista\2008\7
LOGONMsg – InfoDownload – NEW! August ’09
– LOGONMSG is a Message of the Day (MOTD)/ system Disclaimer application that displays a “message of the day” that can appear when users log on to their windows based system. This utility was written for the purpose of allowing an administrator to display the provided message of the day/ system disclaimer, which can be customised or modified when required. The application will display the message in an ‘Always on top’ dialog box that fills the entire client’s screen, no matter what size, and cannot be moved, minimised or closed through conventional ways. It also provides two buttons that user can select to allow them to continue working in the system or log them off should they not accept the message. Free Download.
Windows Compatible – 2000\XP\2003\Vista\2008\7
PCBackDrop – Info – Download
– PCBackdrop is a command-line tool to automatically display relevant information about a Workstation or Server on the user’s desktop background. Items such as the Host Name, Local IP address, Username, Domain Name and the Operating System currently used on the machine, are all displayed in a neat little bitmap that is positioned in the middle of the user’s desktop. This is particularly useful for help desk calls where the user can quickly provide the details of their workstation to the help desk operator. PCBackdrop can now ingrate with existing BMP files such as company logos and BGINFO information backgrounds. Free Download.
Looking for a Terminal Server version of this program? Get TSBackDrop here.
Windows Compatible – 2000\XP\2003\Vista\2008\7
ACloadCalc for Windows V5.0 – InfoDownload
– A Windows Application to provide cooling/heating load calculations for air conditioning applications in Australia. ACLoadCalc has been designed to make load calculating simple. Just enter all the information as prompted by the program. This program is for purchase only. Please contact us via the email form under ‘Contact Us’ to purchase a copy. A DEMO version is also available from the download link above.
Windows Compatible – 2000\XP\2003\Vista\2008\7