Are you a Defense Lawyer?

Are you a Defense Lawyer requiring a Certified Computer Forensic Investigator/ Examiner or Analyst? The Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Forensics team are highly trained and certified professionals with years of real investigative ability and real court room experience behind them. The Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Forensics team are highly recommended by Defense Lawyers and Barristers Australia wide.

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Forensic Investigations

If your IT systems are under attack, or you have just been targeted you have two choices – perform a forensic assessment or an incident response engagement.

Forensic Assessment

If you are looking for absolute proof to launch criminal proceedings, win a legal case or just want to find out who is attacking you, then use a forensic assessment. This is generally a larger project requiring more time and investment.

If you choose a forensic assessment, it is important to leave things exactly “as is” and contact us immediately. The process and evidence trails need to be precise. We then use the latest in forensic discovery tools, cutting edge technology and investigative know-how to examine any of the following:

  • Theft of sensitive business data, customer records, IP and trade secrets.
  • Fraud or corrupt conduct.
  • Threats, terrorism or extortion.
  • Identity theft.
  • Deletion of sensitive business data and intelligence.
  • Money laundering.
  • Email abuse and internet misuse.

Incident response

Alternatively if you just want to get back up and running again and minimise your downtime, use an incident response. We can help you contain the attack, limit the damage and get back to business.

A helpful resource is our process to follow to help yourself if you believe you have an immediate need.

To minimise the impact, our best advice is to be prepared. Talk to us about designing and building your incident response plan.

Expert analysis and evidence

Digital forensics, previously called computer forensics, covers a range of areas surrounding the identification, preservation, recovery and analysis of evidence collected from computers and other digital systems. These days many everyday devices contain information in digital form which can be used in various investigations.

The digital forensic specialists at Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy, Security & Forensics have experience gained in performing investigations for regulatory agencies throughout Australia. They’ve worked with some of the top law firms and major companies as well as for smaller businesses and individuals.

By using specialised equipment and tools they can ensure that data is preserved and analysed in a way that doesn’t harm the information. This means that the collected results are admissible in a court of law if required.

Digital forensic services now cover a range of things beyond corporate and desktop computer systems. Mobile devices for example are no longer used just for communication, they’re increasingly a tool for accessing personal and business data on the move. This means that a smartphone or tablet can often be used as a means of following an individual’s activity. The device can provide evidence of messages sent, photos taken, files accessed and websites browsed at a particular time and location.

The forensic experts at Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy, Security & Forensics are able to extract information from mobile devices and produce detailed reports. These can cover not just what information has been accessed or what calls were made or texts sent, but also the location and movements of the device, with an accuracy to within a few metres. This provides valuable evidence that can be used to establish the facts of commercial disputes, family matters or criminal cases.

In large organisations, network forensics may be called on to extract data from servers and hundreds of connected systems, from desktop PCs to mobile devices. This can include network communications, VoIP phone systems and more. Analysing network traffic can detect unusual and unauthorised activity. Crucially, data capture can be carried out with no interruption to the normal operation of the business.

Expert Witness Services for electronic evidence.

Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy also offers computer forensic expert witness services. Our computer forensic experts are highly qualified and have experience gained from working with security and legal agencies throughout Australia. We can prepare and present accurate, relevant expert witness reports or provide an independent forensic opinion in both civil and criminal courts and other hearings. Our computer forensic experts abide by the Harmonised Expert Witness Code of Conduct in preparing reports and giving evidence.

Our forensic team can provide independent expert testimony and litigation support for the sophisticated analysis of computers, telecommunication evidence/tracking, e-discovery, electronic fraud and indecent imagery assessments.

We are often relied upon to provide expert evidence in legal and other proceedings, including:

  • Case assessment and review of other expert reports and advice on potential avenues of further technical investigation
  • Assisting with the preparation of legal submissions, search applications, court orders and questions for expert reports and examination
  • Evidence collection using specialist forensic tools and methods, adhering to industry standards for maintaining evidentiary integrity
  • Forensic analysis to reconstruct user and system activities relevant to legal issues
  • Provision of expert reports and testimony in proceedings, in compliance with relevant expert witness codes of conduct
  • Briefing lawyers and counsel in preparation for legal proceedings.

Whether you’re looking someone to review and evaluate an opposing expert’s findings, or for someone to examine alternative pathways and offer testify about the forensics involved in your case, Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Forensic investigators have the capabilities to assist. We serve as expert witnesses and provide reports that present facts, analysis, conclusions and expert opinion clearly and accurately.

These findings are then translated into expert forensic reports that are clear, concise and easily understood by all participants and can be used in cases involving legal, criminal, civil and commercial litigation within tribunals and courts of law. Our experts look to independently test the probability of any claims and allegations. They are also available to provide further explanation of findings if necessary.

Our standards in presenting evidence are consistent and highly regarded by our contract clients, Solicitors and Barristers who regularly instruct us. We offer testimony in a clearly understandable language, making complex and technical information easily comprehensible to non-technical audiences. It is frequently necessary to meet experts appointed by other parties and resolve where they agree and disagree on the merits of the case and we have presided over many claims in this capacity.

The Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Forensics team are highly trained and certified professionals with years of real investigative ability and real court room experience behind them. The Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Forensics team are highly recommended by Defense Lawyers and Barristers Australia wide. More importantly, we understand the budgetary constraints of an accused person, individual or company, and the burden that is placed on themselves and their family members during these matters. The Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Forensics team offer fairness in our costs, billing and terms of payment in all cases.

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