Our company’s name speaks for itself. Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy’s well trained and experienced consultants address all IT needs by understanding a business’ requirements now, and into the future. By applying their realtime experience, with their ability to discuss all aspects of IT on a common level, our consultants adopt a true Project Management methodology and ensure that the objectives and deliverables are satisfied on-time and on or below budget.

With extensive information systems control and management experience, our consultants provide an objective viewpoint across the whole of a company’s IT infrastructure to ensure the requirements of a project are met with transparency and full disclosure. By assisting organisations to define their strategic IT direction, Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy provides a professional service that guarantees the successful transition of operational and managerial process to ensure the future viability of an implemented solution.

Proactive Maintenance

Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy offers three (3) forms of maintenance agreements within our service offerings. With detailed monthly reports and a guarantee of response times, Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy offers our customers flexibility and reliability in ensuring their IT infrastructure returns value for investment over an extended period of time.

Our Ctrl PlanAlt Plan, and Del Plan offer real value to any company, small or large, who require personal care and attention throughout their IT transitions. We offer familiar faces with expert knowledge and engineers who can discuss IT requirements without the need for a scientific translator.

Alternative Consultants

As a part of our CTRL and ALT Plans, we believe that you should have access to our services when you need them.
One way of achieving this is the shadowing process. Instead of assigning a single consultant to your site, we bring a second consultant to your site to familiarise them with your network. This means you are provided with an alternative consultant, who can service your account if your primary consultant is sick or otherwise unavailable. This is provided to you at no cost.


Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy offers the choice of three maintenance plans to assist your company with the operation of its information technology systems.

Control Plan – Proactive Service

Fortnightly proactive visit which includes the following monitoring and reporting provisions:

  • Backup testing and maintenance
  • Virus checking and signature update
  • Server and System health check
  • Diagnose and remedy (where possible) log book incidents. Only recorded log book incidents are covered by this plan. A log book will be provided by Ctrl-Alt-Del® IT Consultancy for use on-site.

Investment = * $115 per hour (inc GST) – 3 month minimum contract with 2 hour fortnightly visit

Alt Plan – Pre-paid Service

  • Hours prepaid in advance. Hours not used after 12 months from date of purchase will expire.
  • Guaranteed call back response time within a maximum of 8 working hours.
  • Guaranteed on-site response time within a maximum of 48 hours.
  • Regular service requests are covered by this plan. Regular services are those required for the efficient operation of your current system. Hours purchased under the Alt Plan do not cover the following non-regular services:
    • Major installation of server equipment
    • Design and deployment of new IT infrastructure
    • Monthly reports emailed to your nominated contact person outlining remaining hours and work undertaken.

Investment = * $145 per hour (inc GST) – 10 hour minimum package NB: Services can be conducted either on-site or via remote access depending on suitability. Remote access services are charged equal to on-site visits. Pre-paid hours have an expiry date of 12 months from purchase date. Service requests are billed in 15 minute blocks.

Delete Plan – On-call Service

  • Hours as required. All service requests are covered by this plan.
  • Guaranteed call back response time within a maximum of 8 working hours.
  • Guaranteed on-site response time within a maximum 72 hours.
  • Service requests are billed in 15 minute blocks.

Investment = *$175 per hour (inc GST) for standard call-out, Mon-Fri 8:30am to 5:30pm Investment = *$250 per hour (inc GST) for outside standard hours call-out, includes weekends and public holidays.

* Please note all rates indicated cover labour only. Parts are not included and hardware not purchased through Ctrl-Alt-Del® IT Consultancy is not covered by any warranty replacement policies. * Prices are current at time of receipt but may be subject to change. * All rates quoted, unless otherwise stated, are for work/contact undertaken during standard operating hours, Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5:30pm.

To arrange for your Maintenance Plan to commence or for further information, please contact: Phone: (07) 3848 0285 or 1300 223 482 Email: Website: