"This election help me to represent all of us. Walk with me, not behind me to re-establish our community, our homes, our lifestyles, and most importantly of all – the future of our electorate through our own success, as well as that of our children. "


The Policies

My policies adopt a common theme - equality and fairness. Fairness for our teachers our students, our business owners, our home owners. As an independent, I have the power to challenge poor decision making that affects our community, and more importantly, I have the power to inform the people of our electorate of these poor decisions before they take effect. Our current government hush their own respected members to reduce the fear of voter backlash and criticism, thus creating an untrustworthy representation. Let's not see just one grandstander represent our State, let's see the whole of our community represent each other.

Let's work together to achieve:

  • Water – I can give Queenslanders choice by proposing a dual pipeline system that delivers both recycled water and dam water directly to your home, allowing you to choose what type of water you use for everyday tasks.
  • Health – I will propose a bill allowing local community authorities, like Police and Court Justices, to complete comprehensive background checks on doctors and nurses who practice, or intend to practice, in their community, giving the community the power to know that the medical staff in their area are fit to practice.
  • Education – In the early school, I will ensure literacy is given more emphasis by offering more funds to employing teacher aides to assist all teachers with reading tasks offered to students.
  • A more transparent Government showing responsibility to the people it represents,
  • Abolish petty taxes on Small Businesses and multiple home owners,
  • Stop the destruction of health, energy, roads and transport and make sure the government spends less on themselves and more on the tax payers of Queensland.

The Water Crisis: QLD’ers deserve CHOICE

Pipe 1: Water from Dams
  • NO new dams
  • NO homes destroyed
What are the flow on benefits:
  • A choice of using recycled water in our gardens, our toilet systems and for drinking water, but Dam water remains.
  • A lower tariff for using recycled water.
  • A staged replacement of our aging pipe system reducing the incidences of burst mains and wasted water.
  • Apprenticeships in plumbing are boosted giving our school leavers greater opportunity.
Pipe 2: Water from Recycling Stations
  • Lower water tariff
Save our neighbours’ homes and our environment and build for a smarter future - Vote 4 Independents

Why not two pipes to our homes where WE can make the choice of what to drink?


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