"We need to be represented for who we are..."

- A call to the Greenslopes Electorate from Warren Simondson

We are the small business owners, working parents, home owners, battlers - all of us working well beyond the five o'clock whistle to ensure that we can support the people around us now, and for the future. For over ten years I have lived in the areas of Tarragindi, Coorparoo, Greenslopes and Holland Park, and I have watched with dismay as I witness the closure of our local shops and small businesses, the demise of our schools and educational facilities, and the shear boldness of our state government to apply increasing charges to our business owners and workers, reducing job opportunities and discouraging the electorate to prosper.

Our current representative hides behind the banner of his leader to display the opportunities of his party, and for ten years he has failed to impact as an individual for the best interests of the electorate of Greenslopes. I know as an independent, that the road before me is tough, and I am aware that the common perception towards voting for an independent is seen as a wasted vote, however, I ask the people of the electorate of Greenslopes to read my story, hear my passion, and most of all, to walk with me, not behind me, to create the greatest opportunity we have to ensure a strong future for our area.

I say this with and open heart and a determination for the true representation of our great electorate.

Kindest Regards

Warren Simondson

About Warren Simondson

As a home owner in the Tarragindi area, and a resident and worker of the Greenslopes electorate for over fifteen years, Warren has seen his fair share of the world beyond government promises. Born in Melbourne, Victoria and moving to Queensland as a very young child, Warren pursued a successful career in teaching, until he later found a calling in the IT industry. Today, he knows the rollercoaster ride of running a small business in Wellers Hill, and although he has several university qualifications behind him, Warren has always relied on his knowledge of life and people to maintain a successful and positive vision of the future. Devoted to his wonderful wife Kyra and son Xavier, Warren Simondson is a person as ready as anyone to stand with the people of the Greenslopes electorate, and begin the successful road forward.


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