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Welcome to the Virtual Office

Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy (CADITC) are the VIRTUAL OFFICE EXPERTS. The Company was founded on the belief that the workplace is not restricted to a single location, and that Corporations, no matter what size, can reduce costs and enhance an employee's working experience by adopting VIRTUAL OFFICE technology. Read more on the VIRTUAL OFFICE.

2017 marks a great milestone for Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy. FIFTEEN YEARS in business and it is with thanks to the dedication and loyalty of our staff and customers that we have been so successful over these years. It is our commitment to honesty and fair pricing, and expertise in implementing Virtual Technologies that is acknowledged world-wide, that has helped Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy become the most sort after integrator in Australia. We continue to look forward to providing our services, along with a more personal level of care to meet your company's wide range of needs.

As one of Australia's leading Citrix, Terminal Server and VMWare implementation experts, Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy boasts only the best Systems Engineers with the highest quality qualifications.

Summary of Abilities

Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy offers a detailed range of Technical Integration Services including, but not limited to:

    • The Virtual Office Experts - Virtual Servers and Virtual Desktops
    • Citrix Thin Client/Server-based Computing Specialists
    • Small/ Medium Business Network Security Solutions
    • Internet Solutions and Web Design
    • Application Design
    • Flexible IT Business Solutions

Why We're Different

At Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy, we believe that it takes more than technical savvy to keep your network and desktop PCs up and running. We believe that providing unparalleled customer service is an essential part of the service equation. That's why we've worked hard to develop a unique approach to service that's unequalled in the industry. Our approach to service is comprehensive and fosters a relationship with your business.

Unsurpassed Knowledge of Virtualization Technology

Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy have been installing Citrix, Microsoft Terminal Server and VMWare Solutions for over a decade. We began when these products were still maturing and we have grown with them. Therefore we know what makes them tick, and we don't depend on other products or other people to make Virtual Office technologies work better. Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy is the only Australian IT Consultancy firm that writes it's own software to make administration of Virtual Environments even easier. Proven understanding of the code that brings Virtual Office technology to the forefront is what makes Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy a strong choice for your company's transformation into the Virtual Office.

Take a look at the software applications written by Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy that are used by companies worldwide and judge for yourself as to whether Ctrl-Alt-Del ® IT Consultancy really are the Virtual Office Experts:

- Bombprof - Envtscip - Getpubapp - Gettscip - ICSweep - DefSet -
- DefSet_Flex - Qryclientip - Qrydeptapp - Qrypubapp - Qrytscip -
- TSLogoff - TSPasschg - TSReboot - TSWhereis - TSMsg - TSLogins -
- TSBackdrop - TSLoadStats - TSKaapow - TSKaapop - TSKaasplat -
- TSLoadBal - TSTaskman - TSWhatDom - TSAppInject - TSAppBoost -
- TSSrvType - TSSelfServReset - TSHide - TSSessionNFO - TSRunLogoff -
- TSBADAPP - PCBackdrop - XLaunch - PassChg - RemProf - PrtSrvChg -
- PingWiz - LOGONMsg

See more about our Virtual Office software solutions here.